Join us September 11 – 15, 2021 as we embark on what will be our most epic journey yet! Our 9th year of the Grand Tour will feature some of the best roads in the West, 5-star accommodations, and of course the company of some of the most generous and passionate members of our community. This year will feature an A to B configuration which will allow us to explore uncharted territory, providing new roads and new scenery for all to enjoy.
We have a passion for giving back to the community through our events and this particular drive is one that means a lot to us, as we have the opportunity to raise funds and provide a donation of toys to our local Ronald McDonald House charity.
Registration is live and spots will be going fast so make sure to get registered today!

Jones and Goose



Cars 4 Kids 2018 was one for the record books! We concluded with 90 cars, 1,500 miles and another day to make this the first C4K 4-Day drive! We had such an amazing experience at Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens in 2017, we stayed in Southern Utah for two days, driving to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, and of course, Zion National Park. Heading north through Escalante we had the opportunity to drive Devil’s Backbone to arrive at the beautiful Hotel Park City. On day 4, we joined the other 60 participants at our favorite breakfast spot, La Caille and toured Logan Canyon to visit Conestoga Ranch in Bear Lake.

This year we arrived at the Ronald McDonald House with over 2,500 toys and a donation of $10,000 which was later presented at the Cars 4 Kids Video release party. Each year, as the camaraderie and friendships continue to grow, so does our mission to support these wonderful children and families of the Ronald McDonald House. Looking forward to seeing you in 2019!

1,000 MILER

In 2017, we really wanted to give our participants what they asked for… more driving! We introduced our first 3-day drive which included not only the beautiful scenery throughout Southern Utah, but world-class accommodations at Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens, incredible food and relaxing atmosphere. Traveling down through Escalante, Fish Lake and Zion National Park, we found incredible roads that most never had the opportunity to drive. This 3-day event gave drivers an unforgettable experience as they built relationships that will last a lifetime, sharing a common bond to give back to the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City.

We concluded with 85 vehicles, 3 days, 1k+ miles, 48 volunteer crew, and more toys than we were able to count. We are continually inspired by the generosity and love from our participants, sponsors, clients, friends, family, volunteers and all contributors of Cars 4 Kids. See you in 2018!


Following up on 2015, C4K continued to grow. This year we enjoyed another wonderful breakfast at La Caille, explored The Uinta mountains, we crossed our first state line, and made our way to northern Utah to a lovely and lonely stretch of road on our way to Snow Basin. After enjoying lunch, we all set off South, with The Ronald McDonald House in our sights. After a great car show we all filled the Magic Room with thousands of toys and put smiles on countless faces. This would be a wrap on the Cars4Kids 2016 had come to an end.

We are continually humbled by the our amazing sponsors, participants, locations, and roads we have the great opportunity to explore. Until next time.

About Cars4Kids


With the event continuing to grow, so did the vision for Cars 4 Kids. In 2015, Cars4Kids collaborated with the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City, with an idea to create a special place for the children and families to escape the difficult time in their lives. This special place is called the Magic Room, which contains all of the toys donated by Cars 4 Kids.

This year, we welcomed over 73 vehicles and 150 people for a day of driving with over 2,500 toys filling their cars. With the sun sinking low in the sky, we arrived at The Ronald McDonald House to enjoy dinner, live music, and activities for the children and their families.


After six years without a Cars 4 Kids event, it was time get drivers together again to benefit those in need. After much planning, on a warm day in September, a larger group of automotive enthusiasts gathered early in the morning and set out to drive the secluded and mountain roads of Utah. After a long day of driving the group arrived at Shriners Hospital for Children and delivered car loads of toys for the young patients.

Cars4Kids 2014



In 2008, we had a vision of uniting car enthusiasts and charity. With this simple idea, Cars 4 Kids saw its genesis. A small group of car fanatics got together one summer morning, driving the Wasatch Mountains on a mission to deliver car loads of toys to Shriner’s Hospital for Children.

This original group of people set the stage for what would be come the Cars 4 Kids event that exists today. While the number of cars and drivers were small, their hearts were set firmly in the idea that we could not only drive through Utah’s beautiful scenery we could also provide much needed happiness to children who are going through truly trying times.